The Swedish government facing heavy criticism for its handling of the snow chaos – “Are they still on Easter vacation?”

Spring Snow Chaos: Swedish Government Faces Criticism for Poor Management as Thick Snowfall Leaves Motorists Stranded on Roads

In many places, the thick snowfall caused motorists to become stuck on the roads for hours. The Swedish government faced criticism from the opposition for its poor management of the spring snow chaos on Wednesday. The heavy snowfall in southern Sweden left many motorists stranded in their vehicles, unable to make any progress through the thick snow.

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The Minister responsible for infrastructure had to leave an EU meeting in Brussels to address the situation. He later announced that traffic on most roads had been restored to normal flow. However, he also pointed out that there was room for improvement in keeping the roads open. Carlson criticized motorists who were driving with summer tires, indicating that they may have contributed to the chaos.

The opposition did not accept Carlson’s explanations with Lena Hallengren accusing the government of being absent during the snow chaos. She questioned whether the entire government was still on Easter vacation. Despite this criticism from opposition parties

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