Starting on August 1, Louisiana will prohibit prop bets on college players.

Sports Betting: From NBA to College Basketball – Protecting the Integrity and Safety of Athletes

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board (LGCB) has issued an order to its licensed sports betting operators prohibiting player prop bets in college sports starting on Aug. 1. This comes a week after NCAA president Charlie Baker called for more states to ban the practice in college sports.

The LGCB chairman, Ronnie Johns, stated that the control board had been working on the order “weeks ago, well ahead of the NCAA’s call for action on college proposition bets.” The intention behind the order is to protect the integrity of sports betting and ensure the safety and integrity of college athletes.

Baker’s call for increased scrutiny surrounding player props in college athletics came after reports of integrity issues and player harassment in recent months. The NCAA has been collaborating with states to address these threats, leading to bans on college prop bets in Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Vermont. Other states have imposed restrictions on player prop betting, with some only allowing such bets on college teams located outside of the state.

States like New Jersey, Kansas, and Wyoming are reportedly considering banning college player prop bets after hearing Baker’s call to action. Wyoming plans to discuss the ban at a meeting on May 9. The growing concerns over the integrity of sports betting and the safety of college athletes have prompted many states to take action and implement new regulations regarding player prop bets.

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