Billionaire Elon Musk’s business SpaceX business plans to launch an orbital test of its flagship Starship launch automobile on Monday, April 17.

The US Federal Aviation Administration granted SpaceX a license to launch the Starship automobile right after a extended wait, reports Reuters. The business took to Twitter to announce that it is targeting a launch as early as April 17.

When it launches, this orbital test mission will be the very first launch of SpaceX’s completely-stacked Starship rocket program, which contains the Starship spacecraft and the Super Heavy Rocket powered by 33 Merlin rocket engines.

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What is the Starship?

Collectively, the Starship spacecraft and the Super Heavy rocket are collectively referred to as Starship. They represent the subsequent generation of SpaceX’s launch systems, made to carry each astronauts and cargo to Earth’s orbit, the Moon, Mars, and perhaps even beyond.

Right after its testing is total and it is flight-prepared, Starship could turn out to be the most potent launch program ever created by humanity, with the capability to carry a payload of up to 150 metric tonnes in “fully-reusable” mode and 250 metric tonnes in “expendable mode,” according to SpaceX.

The Starship spacecraft. (Image credit: SpaceX)

What is the Starship spacecraft?

The Starship spacecraft is the second stage of the Starship program. It will have an integrated payload section that is made to carry each crew and cargo to their location in the solar program. According to SpaceX, Starship is also capable of point-to-point transport on Earth.

The Starship spacecraft will be about 50 metres tall and 9 metres wide. It will have a payload capacity of amongst one hundred tonnes and 150 tonnes. It will be powered by 3 typical Raptor engines and 3 Raptor engines specially modified for use in the vacuum of space. Collectively, this will give it a thrust capacity of 1,500 tonnes of force.

The SpaceX Super Heavy very first stage of the Starship program. (Image credit: SpaceX)

What is Super Heavy?

The Super Heavy booster is the very first stage of Starship. According to SpaceX, Starship will be fully reusable and right after launch, it will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere to land back at the launch website.

It will be about 69 metres tall, 9 metres wide and will have the capacity to hold about three,400 tons of propellant. It will be powered by 33 Raptor engines that will with each other present close to 7,600 tons of thrust.

The Raptor engine. (Image credit: SpaceX)

Raptor engine

Just like the rest of Starship, the Raptor engine will also be reusable. It is a staged-combustion engine that will be powered by a mixture of methane and liquid oxygen. Each and every raptor engine will be capable of supplying 230 tonnes of force, which is additional than twice that of the Merlin engines that energy SpaceX’s Falcon 1, Falcon 9, and Falcon Heavy spacecraft.

It will be about three.1 metres tall and will have a diameter of about 1.three metres at its widest. The Super Heavy very first stage will have 33 Raptor engines, 13 in the centre and 20 along the perimeter.

The R-Vac Raptor engine specially modified for use in space. (Image credit: SpaceX)

Raptor-vacuum (R-Vac)

The Raptor Vacuum (RVac) engine will have a design and style equivalent to the typical Raptor engine. The distinction with RVac is that it will function a bigger expansion nozzle so that the engine’s efficiency in space is maximised. The Starship spacecraft will be powered by 3 RVacs along with 3 typical raptor engines.

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