Capturing the Sun’s Path: Exploring Solargraphy through Art, Science, and Chaos

Solargraph Cameras Capture the Sun’s Movement in Oakville, ON

In Oakville, ON, between June 21 and December 21, 2023, three solargraph cameras were set up on the roof of The Weather Network. Painted both inside and out in black to reduce reflections, the cameras were positioned facing south to track the Sun’s movement across the sky. Experts recommend leaving the camera from solstice to solstice to capture an accurate representation of the Sun’s movement.

The solargraph camera is a simple type of camera that consists of a piece of black and white photographic paper sealed inside a cylinder with a tiny pin hole drilled into the side. The duration of time the camera is left to record is determined by the photographer, with options ranging from capturing a single day to an entire season. While sunlight passes through the pin hole to create a line of exposure on the photographic paper whenever the Sun is shining, Earth’s movement along its orbit causes the Sun’s path to shift approximately 1 degree each day, resulting in distinct lines added daily except when clouds block

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