Good Engineers Needed for Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation and Sustainable Development: A Seminar on Developing Talents for the Future

A seminar on “Smart transportation promotes sustainable development” was hosted by Viet Duc University, with former General Director of Bosch Vietnam, Mr. Vo Quang Hue, as one of the keynote speakers. During his speech, Mr. Hue emphasized the importance of practical experience for engineers in developing smart traffic application technology. He noted that Bosch Vietnam has over 4,000 engineers, including 400 specialized in self-driving cars.

Mr. Hue also highlighted the need for collaboration between universities, businesses, and the government to develop human resources for smart transportation. He praised the eagerness of young Vietnamese engineers to learn and progress quickly. Furthermore, he encouraged the transition to electric vehicles to protect the environment and promote public transportation using green energy policies.

In addition to Mr. Hue’s insights, Deputy Head of Road Traffic Infrastructure Management Department in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Hoang Phuc Dung discussed current initiatives to enhance public transportation using environmentally friendly fuels. He pointed out the need for a clear legal framework to support the development of electric vehicles and emphasized the limited application of technology in traffic management due to a lack of expertise in information technology among management teams.

Deputy General Director of FPT Information System, Mr. Phan Thanh Son also spoke at the seminar about human resource development in smart transportation. He underscored the importance of practical experience and planning in designing comprehensive solutions for advanced traffic models in global markets. Additionally, he stressed the ongoing need for highly qualified engineers in this field.

Overall, experts emphasize that developing smart traffic application technology requires engineers to spend time practicing at businesses while collaborating with universities and governments to develop human resources for smart transportation effectively.

In conclusion, smart transportation is essential for promoting sustainable development in Vietnam’s future growth plans as it is critical to have skilled professionals who can develop and implement innovative solutions that prioritize environmental protection and efficiency while improving people’s quality of life.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for policymakers and industry leaders to invest more resources into developing talent pools that possess cutting-edge skills required by today’s fast-paced technological landscape.

As such, it is crucial that universities play a significant role in nurturing talents from early on through curricula design aimed at equipping students with practical knowledge and real-world experiences necessary for success in this field.

Collaboration between academia and industry stakeholders should be further strengthened through internships or apprenticeship programs that allow students direct access to leading companies involved in smart transportation innovation.

Finally, government policies should be put into place that will encourage investment from foreign companies looking forward to setting up operations within Vietnam’s borders while creating job opportunities for local talent pools.

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