Bartulica: More work needed on coalition agreement, no quick resolution expected

Slow and Steady: Bartulica’s Concerns on Coalition Agreement and Transparency in Government

Bartulica, speaking at a press conference in Parliament, expressed his concerns about the lengthy coalition agreement in other countries, such as Germany, which has 177 pages. He emphasized that reaching an agreement will take time and cannot be done quickly. He also mentioned that he does not expect the new government to be voted on Friday, as the process will take longer due to the constitution of the Parliament.

When asked about his stance on potential changes in the coalition agreement, Bartulica stated that he couldn’t answer hypothetical questions but emphasized that he would vote according to his conscience. He also addressed Prime Minister Andrej Plenković’s statement about not having an investigation into the pandemic, asserting that transparency in government is essential.

Bartulica welcomed Plenković’s statement on gender ideology and hoped that his proposals, like amending the Law on State Registries, would be considered in the future. He also mentioned the initiative for a museum on totalitarian regimes and expressed optimism for the ongoing negotiations with the HDZ.

In response to claims about being an American spy, Bartulica dismissed them and raised concerns about his safety. He also discussed the funding of the “Novosti” weekly publication, emphasizing the importance of public criticism and transparency in a liberal democracy.

Bartulica urged for clarity and dignity in the negotiation process with the HDZ and highlighted the need for citizens to know what’s going on. He emphasized the importance of following through on promises to the public and maintaining transparency throughout

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