Slovakia Defeats U.S. in Overtime at Ice Hockey World Championships

Slovakia Snatches Victory from the United States in Ice Hockey World Championship OT Match

On May 13, 2024, the United States suffered a shocking 5-4 loss to Slovakia at the ice hockey world championship in Ostrava. Milos Kelemen scored the winning goal in overtime with just 1:04 left on the clock, marking the second defeat for the Americans in three games. The match was filled with excitement and tension as fans on both sides bit their nails in anticipation of the outcome.

Slovakia took a commanding 2-0 lead over the United States in the first period, thanks to goals from Kelemen and Hudacek. However, Matt Boldy managed to score for the Americans, prompting Slovakia to respond with two more goals from Nemec and Koch. U.S. coach John Hynes made a bold move by switching goaltenders midway through the game, hoping to turn things around.

Despite Hynes’ efforts, however, Slovakia continued to dominate the game until Luke Hughes scored three goals for the U.S., tying things up at 4-4 in regulation time. It was then that Kelemen struck again in overtime, securing a hard-fought victory for Slovakia and leaving the Americans struggling to keep up with their opponents.

In other news from around Europe, Finland defeated Norway 4-1 on May 13th, thanks in part to two goals from Oliver Kapanen and Arttu Hyry. With five goals now under his belt, Kapanen leads all scorers at this year’s tournament so far. Meanwhile Germany faced off against Sweden in Group B on May 13th as well – an exciting matchup that is sure to have a big impact on both teams’ chances of making it to

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