Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Ship Crew Rescues Lives, Six Missing

Six Missing Workers and a Bridge Collapse: An Accident on the Interstate 695 Bridge in Baltimore

In Baltimore, a tragic accident occurred on a bridge where several workers fell into the waters of the Patapsco River while repairing potholes. Governor Moore declared a state of emergency, and a large-scale search operation was launched to find the missing workers. Two workers were rescued, with one in serious condition. The search for the other six missing workers is ongoing, utilizing boats and divers.

According to photos of the accident, it appears that a ship lost power before striking the bridge support. Work crews were present on the bridge at the time of the collapse. Sonar detected multiple vehicles in the water, which is approximately 50 feet deep. The lights on the ship suddenly went out, causing it to change direction and collide with the bridge. Despite this tragedy, the workers managed to send an emergency message about the electricity problem, allowing officials to stop traffic on the bridge and prevent further casualties.

The collapse of this 1977-built Interstate 695 bridge is expected to halt activity at Port Baltimore’s critical import/export shipping center. This port serves many vehicle manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota, and General Motors. As a result, over 40 vessels are currently stranded at Port Baltimore while incoming vessels are being diverted to other ports on the east coast. The impact on trade activity is significant as uncertainty surrounds when normal operations will resume.

The incident has brought attention to safety concerns regarding construction work near water bodies and bridges. Officials have launched an investigation into why proper safety protocols were not followed during this project.

In conclusion, while this incident has caused significant disruptions to trade activities in Port Baltimore and raised concerns about safety standards in construction work near water bodies and bridges, it is heartening that two workers were rescued in time despite their dire circumstances.

The recovery process is still ongoing as authorities continue their efforts to locate all missing workers safely while minimizing any potential risks associated with their rescue operations.

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