Six far more members of the Biden clan could have benefitted from the family’s many enterprise schemes, bringing the total quantity of kin implicated up to nine, Property Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed Monday.

The findings come just after the Kentucky GOP congressman and other lawmakers on the panel examined suspicious activity reports sent by banks to the Treasury Division alerting of possible criminal activity in transactions involving President Biden’s household. 

“Thousands of pages of monetary records associated to the Biden household, their organizations, and associates’ enterprise schemes had been produced accessible to members of the Property Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which confirm the value of this investigation,” Comer stated in a statement.

“The Biden household enterprise is centered on Joe Biden’s political profession and connections, and it has generated an exorbitant quantity of revenue for the Biden household. We’ve identified six more members of Joe Biden’s household who could have benefited from the Biden family’s corporations that we are investigating, bringing the total quantity of these involved or benefiting to nine,” he stated. 

Rep. James Comer and other lawmakers reviewed suspicious activity reports associated to the Biden household Monday.The Washington Post through Getty Pictures

Final month, Comer announced his committee had located proof that at least 3 Biden household members and two associates received payments that originated from China in 2017, fewer than two months just after Joe Biden left workplace as Barack Obama’s vice president. 

Bank records subpoenaed by the committee show that State Power HK Restricted, a firm affiliated with Chinese Communist Celebration-backed power firm CEFC China Power, wired $three million to Biden household associate Rob Walker in March 2017, who then divvied it up more than a period of about 3 months, Comer stated. 

It seems that initial son Hunter Biden received about $610,000 in payments as component of the 2017 deal, when initial brother James Biden got roughly $360,000, and the president’s daughter-in-law, Hallie Biden, received $25,000.

The panel’s March memo also listed an “Unknown Biden” who received 4 payments in 2017 totaling $70,000.

On Monday, Comer did not give any clues as to who the six new Biden household members identified by the committee had been. 

At least nine members of the president’s household could have benefitted from the family’s enterprise dealings, according to Comer.REUTERS

“The Oversight Committee will continue to pursue more bank records to adhere to the Bidens’ tangled net of monetary transactions to decide if the Biden household has been targeted by foreign actors and if there is a national safety threat,” Comer stated. “We will quickly give the public with far more data about what we’ve uncovered to date. The American men and women will need transparency and accountability, and the Oversight Committee will provide considerably necessary answers.”

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), who reviewed the one hundred or so suspicious activity reports alongside Comer, said in a tweet Monday that “it’s wild the quantity of [Biden] household members involved” and hinted that proof has been uncovered pointing to “prostitution rings.

“I have to inform you, there are far more Biden’s involved than we knew previously. And just about every time you appear beneath a stone, there’s so considerably far more you have to investigate simply because it is wild the quantity of household members involved,” Mace stated in a video posted on Twitter.

“And it is even –  the quantity of revenue that we’re speaking about in these suspicious activity reports is astronomical. And the accusations therein, the supply of the funding, exactly where the money’s going, the shell organizations, prostitution rings, and so on. It is insanity to me that it is not been investigated in the way that it need to be,” she added. 

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