Maryland Bridge Collapse Caught on Livestream as Ship Collides with Structure

Ship Strikes Bridge in Maryland: Dangers of Maritime Traffic Near Bridges Highlighted”.

A Singapore-flagged ship, the Dali, crashed into a bridge in Maryland early Tuesday morning, causing it to collapse. The ship struck a support beam of the Francis Scott Key Bridge at around 1:28 a.m., according to video footage from a YouTube livestream. The livestream showed the ship’s lights turn off minutes before the impact and then turn back on as it neared the bridge.

The incident occurred at around 1:24 a.m. local time when the vessel approached a support beam of the bridge. Despite attempts to reach both Grace Ocean, the owner of the vessel, and Synergy Marine Group, which manages it, for comment, they did not respond. The bridge closure was due to a collapse caused by the ship strike, according to the Maryland Transportation Authority.

The Baltimore Police Department confirmed a partial bridge collapse with workers possibly in the water following the incident. However, representatives for the Maryland Transportation Authority did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The incident highlights the potential dangers of maritime traffic near bridges and emphasizes maintaining safe distances to prevent accidents like this from occurring in future instances.

According to sources close to Grace Ocean and Synergy Marine Group, there were no casualties reported in connection with this tragic event.

The Dali is listed at 984 feet long and is owned by Grace Ocean, a Singapore-based company that operates in various sectors such as shipping and offshore construction. Synergy Marine Group manages its operations worldwide.

Investigations are underway to determine what caused this collision and how it could have been prevented in future incidents.

The incident raises questions about safety measures put in place by governments worldwide to ensure that ships do not collide with bridges or other structures while navigating through waters near them.

As such, safety protocols need to be put in place to prevent accidents like this from happening again in future instances.

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