Bladder Cancer Glows Pink under Blue Light

Shining a Light on Bladder Cancer: How UC San Diego Health is Using Innovative Technology to Detect and Monitor the Disease

Bladder cancer is a major health concern, with over 82,000 people expected to be diagnosed this year and nearly 17,000 who will lose their lives to the disease. This disease affects both men and women, but men are at a higher risk. Early detection is crucial in successfully treating the disease, with symptoms including blood in the urine, frequent urination, and pelvic or back pain.

At UC San Diego Health, urologists are using innovative technology known as blue light cystoscopy to detect and monitor bladder cancer. This technology involves inserting a special dye into the bladder before using a camera with white light to examine the area. By switching to blue light, cancer cells that were once invisible become fluorescent pink when combined with the dye, allowing for better detection rates and accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Amirali Salmasi, a urologist at UC San Diego Health, emphasizes the importance of early detection and aggressive treatment when facing bladder cancer. This FDA-approved technology can be used in both clinic settings and operating rooms to aid in new diagnoses and the ongoing monitoring of patients with the disease. By shining a light on the problem, medical professionals can provide more effective care for those battling bladder cancer.

In addition to being at a higher risk for bladder cancer, men are also more likely to develop other forms of cancer later in life such as prostate cancer. However, by staying vigilant about their health screenings and monitoring any potential symptoms they may experience early on, men can increase their chances of surviving bladder cancer.

Frank Sinatra was one of many notable men who have been affected by bladder cancer. He first noticed blood in his urine while filming “The Joker” in 1966 but continued working until his condition worsened four years later. Jack Lemmon was diagnosed with bladder cancer at age 56 and passed away from complications related to his treatment six years later.

Telly Savalas was also known for his battle with bladder cancer after being diagnosed at age 68 he passed away three years later.

U.S Senator Hubert Humphrey had undergone surgery for his recurring prostate cancer which was found during routine checkup which eventually led him being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic Cancer.

It’s important for anyone experiencing any symptoms of bladder cancer such as blood in the urine or frequent urination should seek medical attention immediately.

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