Community Welcomes Back Students to Cunha Science Fair

Science Fair Returns: A Moment of Community and Joy at Cunha Intermediate School

As students, parents, and volunteer judges gathered in the gym of Cunha Intermediate School for the annual Science Fair, it was a significant moment for all involved. The event had been optional in the 2020-21 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with only 10 students participating as the school went remote.

This year’s fair marked a shift back to normalcy as it brought the community together once again. The efforts of the science teachers at the middle school were evident as they showcased a wide variety of scientific studies through poster boards. From the strength of different brands of dental floss to whether teachers could distinguish assignments written by students or artificial intelligence, there was no shortage of fascinating projects on display.

Cunha science teacher Kurt Murray expressed his excitement at the return to normal, stating, “We’re finally bringing the community back to the event.” He was thrilled to see so many students excited about their work and eager to share it with others. Coastside News Group photographer Anna Hoch-Kenney captured the event in stunning detail in the gallery above.

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