Japan’s First Autonomous Driving Major to Be Launched by Technology Institute

Saitama Institute of Technology Launches Autonomous Driving Major and Four New Engineering Programs in Response to Digital Transformation Demand

Japan’s first autonomous driving major is set to launch at the Saitama Institute of Technology (SIT) in April. The information systems department at SIT will be accepting 40 new students for this new course, with the goal of developing engineers who have a deep understanding of self-driving vehicles.

As part of its plans to restructure its engineering faculty, SIT is also introducing four other majors – IT applied machinery, artificial intelligence robotics, bioscience, and environment/clean energy. These new programs are designed to train students to meet the increasing demand for workers with skills in digital transformation.

The IT applied machinery course will focus on integrating IT with machinery and exploring internet-connected devices and digital twin technologies. This program involves creating and learning from a virtual copy of a physical object. The AI robotics major will cover the merging of AI and robotics, offering a comprehensive education from fundamental principles to advanced applications.

The bioscience major at SIT will include various life sciences and biochemistry topics. Meanwhile, the environment and clean energy course will specifically focus on environmental science to address energy and sustainability challenges.

Founded in 1976 in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture, SIT currently has 2,182 undergraduate and 91 graduate students enrolled in its programs. With its commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of the technological landscape and preparing future professionals in cutting-edge fields, SIT is well-positioned to continue playing an important role in shaping Japan’s technological future.

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