Commissioners Host Gun Safety Presentation for Public Health Week

Safe Storage Saves Lives: Camden County’s Push for Responsible Gun Ownership and Community Health

Camden County’s Board of Commissioners hosted a presentation on gun storage during Public Health Week, titled “BeSMART for Kids: Safe Storage Saves Lives.” The presentation aimed to educate both gun owners and non-gun owners about the importance of safe storage practices. The goal was to normalize discussions about safe storage in order to prevent accidents and keep communities safe.

Commissioner Virginia Betteridge, who serves as the liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services, emphasized the importance of responsible gun ownership and how knowing how to have conversations about safe storage is crucial. She stressed that children may come into contact with firearms in the homes of friends or family members who do own them, so it’s important to start the conversation in Camden County and raise awareness about the importance of safe gun storage practices.

The timing of the presentation during Public Health Week was intentional, as it provided a platform to promote the importance of safe gun storage in the context of overall community health. By addressing this issue head-on and encouraging open dialogue about safe storage practices, the Board of Commissioners in Camden County hopes to contribute to a safer environment for everyone.

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