The Professor says Finland’s hands are tied as Russia’s activities in the Gulf of Finland present a major risk

Russia’s Shadow Fleet: Breaking Environmental Regulations in the Gulf of Finland

In response to the European Union’s sanctions on Russian oil products transported by sea, Russia has resorted to using old and poorly maintained tankers to transport oil in the Gulf of Finland. This operation poses a serious environmental risk, but how can this situation be addressed? To gain insight into this issue, we spoke with a maritime law professor and Finland’s official shipping representative for their perspectives.

Despite the import ban and price ceiling on Russian crude oil imposed by the European Union, Russia continues to transport oil near Finland using what is known as a shadow fleet. This disregard for sanctions raises concerns about the environmental impact of these operations. The use of old and poorly maintained tankers increases the risk of oil spills and other environmental hazards in the Gulf of Finland.

To address this situation, it is crucial for relevant authorities to monitor and regulate the activities of these shadow fleets. Cooperation between countries in the region is essential to ensure that sanctions are effectively enforced and that steps are taken to protect the environment from potential harm caused by these operations. By working together, we can address the challenges posed by Russia’s circumvention of sanctions and mitigate the environmental impact of these illegal activities in the Gulf of Finland.

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