16,000 individuals sign up for the Russian Army following attack

Russian Troop Surge in Ukraine: Putin Uses Moscow Attack as Pretext to Increase Forces in Eastern Europe

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is using the recent Moscow attack as a justification to increase troops in Ukraine. Following the attack on March 22, which resulted in 144 deaths and around 500 injuries at the Crocus City Hall concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow, around 16,000 Russians have signed up to fight in Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that up to 1,700 people are showing up daily at selection centers for contract enlistment.

The government claims that the majority of candidates cite the desire to avenge those killed in the tragedy as their main motivation for signing up to participate in the special military operation in Ukraine. While the terrorist attack was claimed by the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISPK), Russian authorities insist that the trail leads to Ukraine, a claim that the Kiev government denies. Russian investigators have acknowledged the involvement of Islamists in the attack, alleging that they received funding from Ukraine.

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