Placer County sees increase in veteran health care claims due to PACT Act

Rising Tide of Claims: How Placer Veteran Services Helps California Veterans Get the Help They Need with PACT Act

The number of claims filed by veterans has increased significantly in recent years, with organizations like Placer Veteran Services working tirelessly to assist them. In the past year alone, the agency has helped file over 5,200 claims totaling more than $11.5 million. This represents a significant increase of about 40% compared to the previous year.

The surge in claims is attributed to the recently enacted PACT Act, which aims to provide more healthcare and benefits to veterans exposed to toxic chemicals like Agent Orange and burn pits during their service. One veteran, Alexander Scott, an Air Force veteran, shared his experience of benefiting from the PACT Act and now receiving treatment after prolonged exposure to burn pits.

Scott and other veterans are now sharing their stories to encourage others to seek the necessary treatment they need. Placer Veteran Services emphasized that this increase in claims is not unique to California but is a trend happening nationwide. The organization remains committed to supporting veterans and ensuring they receive the care and benefits they deserve.

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