Maui wildfires linked to concerning health effects, new study finds

Rising Health Risks for Maui Wildfire Survivors: Study Reveals Alarming Findings

A recent study conducted by the University of Hawaii has raised concerns about the long-term health effects experienced by survivors of the Maui wildfires. The study included nearly 2,000 participants from West Maui and Upcountry, many of whom had not received medical check-ups for seven months following the fires.

Researchers were surprised by some of the findings, which revealed that 74% of participants are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, up to 60% may have poor respiratory health, and 8–20% could have compromised kidney function. Many of the participants were unaware of these underlying health issues prior to taking part in the study.

Among the participants was Nikima Glatt, who lived in Lahaina during the wildfires and experienced difficulties with physical activities she used to enjoy. The study also highlighted mental health concerns, with over 50% reporting increased depression, 34% experiencing suicidal thoughts, and 30% dealing with moderate to severe anxiety.

At the time of the study, only 10% of participants had found permanent housing, nearly 50% had lost their jobs due to the fires, and 13% did not have health insurance. UH is looking to expand the survey to include more participants but funding for the necessary medical tests is needed.

The full report of the study can be accessed online, and the study was funded by the Hawaii Community Foundation and Kaiser Permanente. Each participant receives $100 for taking part in the study. The results of this study highlight

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