Increasing Number of Wounded IDF Soldiers Turning to Alcohol and Drugs, Report Finds

Rising Challenges: The Wounding Effects of War on IDF Soldiers, Families and Children

The war has had a profound impact on the lives of IDF soldiers and their families, with alcohol and drug addiction becoming increasingly common among wounded soldiers. Financial difficulties and serious psychological problems are also prevalent in the families of injured soldiers, according to a report by the Association of Social Workers.

The behavior of children in families called up for reservist service is also deteriorating, with 59% of social workers reporting worsening behavior among these children. Alcohol and drug abuse is a significant problem among both active duty and reservist military personnel, as well as their loved ones, with 19.11% reporting such issues.

Psychological and psychiatric problems are also common among the families of victims, with 68.52% reporting such issues. In addition to this, 66.56% reported worsening psychological problems in these families.

Educational difficulties have also arisen in the families of injured military personnel, with 21.76% of social workers reporting a deterioration in this area. Economic difficulties and problems with employment have also been reported by 39.41% and 33.82% respectively, which have caused significant strain on these families’ financial stability.

The Association of Social Workers conducted extensive research on this topic and published excerpts from their report on Monday, February 12th through Davar1. This report highlights the need for increased support for wounded military personnel and their families to address these growing issues.

Overall, it is clear that the war has had a significant impact on the mental health and well-being of IDF soldiers and their families. It is crucial that we provide them with adequate support to help them overcome these challenges and rebuild their lives after service.

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