RIGBY — Hyrum Tuckett is a junior at Rigby Higher College and is enrolled in the school’s Profession Technical Education system.

Tuckett is a single of a number of Rigby students studying the intricacies of owning their personal small business by way of the school’s lately launched small business system. Tuckett and his classmates obtain college credit for finishing the course.

Asked what kind of small business he is developing in the class, Tuckett basically mentioned, “Car detailing.”

“I’ve often been into vehicles,” he added.

As he explained, Tuckett’s father is a compact small business owner and that has served as an inspiration for the junior’s future plans.

Although he nevertheless has a complete year of higher college to total just before the plans go into action, Tuckett has begun hunting forward.

Immediately after graduation, he plans to go on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I have no concept exactly where I want to go (for my mission),” Tuckett mentioned. “Tokyo would be definitely cool, but wherever (the Lord) sends me.”

Upon his return from a mission, Tuckett is not particular if attending college or joining the workforce will be the subsequent step. No matter the path, he plans to do anything involving vehicles.

If college is the path, Tuckett has to determine on a main. Enterprise aligns with his dream of a single day owning his personal small business — and Boise State is identified to have a very good small business system, he mentioned. Or, he could go to a technical college.

“It depends on what I go to college for,” he mentioned. “There’s this diesel college down in Bridgeland (Utah).”

Tuckett has a complete year just before these choices are place just before him — a year that will practically definitely consist of a lot more operate in the Rigby Higher College small business system and potentially the Enterprise Specialists of America club.

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