Updating a Sled with Modern Technology

Revving Up Old Street Sleds: The Transformation of the Garage Avenger

In recent years, street sledding has become less popular in Norway. However, one journalist, also known as Garage Avenger, has taken it upon himself to revitalize the activity by transforming an old child-sized sled into a modern and powerful electric-powered version.

To breathe new life into the sled, Justin removed rust from the runners and reconditioned the wood. He then replaced the fuel-burning jet engines with electric motors that can spin their turbine blades at an impressive 80,000 rpm. The sled received a set of 3D printed cowlings for the turbines, a thumb throttle on the upgraded handlebars, and a big battery with an Arduino to bring it all together.

With everything assembled, the powerful sled easily reached speeds of 20-30 kph on a sheet of ice, depending on passenger weight and size. It also had a brake built on an old ice skate for emergency stops. The sled was a huge hit for everyone at the skating pond.

Justin’s innovative approach to updating old sleds sparked interest among others who wanted to add some excitement to their winter activities. One way he suggested sprucing up old sleds is by adding a suspension for rocketing down unplowed roads. With these modifications, street sledding is once again becoming popular in Norway and other countries around the world.

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