California growers benefit from smart irrigation technology with PumpMan NorCal partnership

Revolutionizing Water Conservation in Agriculture: PumpMan NorCal and Lumo Join Forces

PumpMan NorCal, a leading company in onsite maintenance, repair, and replacement of components in water and wastewater pumping systems, has announced a partnership with Lumo, a smart irrigation technology company. Through this collaboration, Lumo’s innovative smart irrigation valve, Lumo One, and its irrigation management software, Ops Center, will be made available to growers across Northern California.

PumpMan NorCal will handle the stocking, promotion, demonstration, installation, and servicing of Lumo One in all irrigation systems in the region. Devon Wright, CEO of Lumo expressed his excitement about the collaboration emphasizing a shared vision for advancing water conservation in agriculture through user-friendly and sustainable technology.

Jason Smith, general manager of PumpMan NorCal shared his admiration for Lumo’s innovative technology noting that combining Lumo’s advanced irrigation solution with PumpMan’s service expertise and distribution network sets a new standard in agricultural water management. This partnership aims to provide exceptional value to growers while contributing to a more sustainable environment.

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