Superfast jet traveling at 6,174 km/h

Revolutionizing Transportation: Hermeus’ Halcyon Supersonic Jet Takes to the Skies”.

Hermeus, an Atlanta-based aerospace startup, is revolutionizing transportation with its new supersonic jet, the Halcyon. The aircraft can fly across the Atlantic Ocean in just 1.5 hours and has a range of 6,437 km. However, for trans-Pacific routes like from Los Angeles to Tokyo, a stopover will be required due to the limited range.

The Halcyon is unique in that it achieves supersonic speeds through a hybrid jet engine design that combines aviation and defense technologies. The engine features turbojet mode for subsonic speeds and jet mode for supersonic speeds. This allows the aircraft to travel at Mach 5, significantly faster than the Concorde, one of the only two supersonic aircraft that has carried passengers in history.

Hermeus plans to begin test flights and passenger operations for Halcyon later this decade with over 125 planned routes. However, domestic flights within lands are not possible as traveling at Mach 5 would generate loud sonic booms.

The company’s unique jet engine design was first used on the Quarterhorse, its second aircraft prototype scheduled to fly by the end of 2024. Co-developed with the US Air Force in a $60 million project, the Quarterhorse aims to demonstrate high-speed takeoff and landings. Following this, Hermeus plans to build the Darkhorse, an upgraded version that can carry cargo. These prototypes will pave the way for the 20-seat Halcyon supersonic aircraft.

Overall, Hermeus’ development of the Halcyon holds promising potential for high-speed air travel in future years.

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