Kametstal Broadens Steel Range with Cost-Effective Smelting Innovation

Revolutionizing the Steel Industry: Kametstal’s Innovative Preheated Smelting Technology Expands Economic Steel Production

Kametstal is implementing innovative technology to expand the range of steel that can be smelted economically, as stated in a press release on their Facebook page. The preheated smelting technology involves heating scrap with oxygen and gas coal before pouring liquid iron into the converter. This method allows for increased use of scrap metal, reducing the consumption of liquid iron in steel production and lowering costs.

The development and implementation of this technology in the BOF Shop required significant effort and expertise. Melting parameters, oxygen and gas coal amounts for heating, optimal scrap heating modes, prevention of liquid phase formation during pig iron pouring, and melting blowing modes were carefully selected and determined. The proven technology has already demonstrated its economic efficiency in meeting quality requirements for steel production in the converter.

Kametstal is committed to continuous improvement by increasing the share of scrap preheating melts and decreasing liquid iron consumption in steelmaking. In addition to their advancements in smelting technology, Kametstal has expanded their range of longitudinal shaped sections at the rolling mill’s pipe billet mill. They have also introduced a new profitable steel product at the 400/200 mill – a round section with a diameter of 27 mm.

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