Google integrates Gemini across Android, Workspace, and Search

Revolutionizing Productivity: Google’s Latest AI-Driven Updates in Action with Gemini

Google has announced the latest updates to its Android operating system and services, all powered by Gemini’s artificial intelligence (AI). The new features are designed to make users more productive and provide more accurate search results.

One of the most significant updates is the ‘Circle to Search’ experience, which allows users to search for anything on their phone screen simply by surrounding or touching it. This feature is currently available on over 100 million Samsung Pixel and Galaxy devices, with Google predicting that number to reach 200 million by year’s end.

Another exciting update from Gemini on Android is the advanced assistant that can be accessed from any application. Users can request specific information about the video they are watching or a PDF document, with the Gemini Nano model running locally on devices and keeping information private by not sending data to external servers. Soon, Nano will support multimodal functions on Pixel phones, processing text input, images, sound, and spoken language.

Gemini’s AI enhancements also extend to Google services like Workspace. The Gemini model has been integrated into Gmail, Drive, and other Workspace tools to provide smarter features and capabilities. With its reasoning abilities and large information processing capacity, Gemini can answer a broader range of questions and offer context-based responses.

In Photos, Google has introduced the ‘Ask Photos’ feature powered by Gemini. Instead of searching with keywords, users can now ask specific questions to locate images within their gallery. Other AI-enhanced services include Search, which now offers quick AI-generated summaries and the ability to ask complex questions with Multi-Step Reasoning. Users can also ask for meal plans, inspiration, and do interactive searches through Video Question using their phone’s camera.

Overall, these updates are transforming how users interact with Google services, making them smarter

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