Funding of £5m secured for dental technology to help prevent tooth decay

Revolutionizing Oral Healthcare: Calcivis Takes Preventative Treatment to the Next Level

In 2012, Calcivis was founded by CEO Adam Christie and CTO Bruce Vernon with the goal of revolutionizing oral healthcare through preventative treatment. The company’s flagship product uses a biologic diagnostic to detect tooth decay in its early stages, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. With £5 million in funding from the Scottish National Investment Bank and IFS Maven Equity Finance, managed by Maven Capital Partners, Calcivis is now poised to bring its technology to the United States after receiving premarket approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Adam Christie, CEO of Calcivis, expressed his excitement about the potential of their technology to revolutionize prevention in oral healthcare globally. He emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay to prevent irreversible damage. With over two billion people worldwide affected by cavities according to the World Health Organization, Calcivis’ technology holds significant potential for improving global health outcomes.

Paul Callaghan, investment director at the Scottish National Investment Bank, highlighted Calcivis’ role in leading innovation in health technology in Scotland. He stated that the bank is proud to support the company’s growth and help expand its product into international markets, creating job opportunities in Scotland. The bank sees Calcivis’ technology as aligned with its Innovation mission and believes that the product’s launch in the UK holds significant health benefits for the people of Scotland.

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