LSSU initiative focuses on expanding student’s access to mental health services

Revolutionizing Mental Health Support: LSSU Launches Uwill Initiative

At Lake Superior State University, a new initiative is being introduced to improve students’ access to mental health resources. The platform, called Uwill, will offer teletherapy and crisis support services to students connected to the university. This new program complements existing counseling services in place to identify and assist students facing mental health crises.

According to recent survey data, the prevalence of mental health challenges among young adults and college students is on the rise. Nearly half of college students surveyed have expressed a need for help with mental health issues in the past year, yet a majority never received access to counseling or therapy.

Recognizing the importance of mental health services, LSSU has included increased access to mental health support as part of its five-year strategic plan. The focus is on improving first-year student retention and expanding support for students from underrepresented demographics.

Anya Alexander, Associate Dean of Student Affairs at LSSU, emphasizes the significance of providing clinical mental health counseling and support to students as a crucial part of their commitment to student success. By investing in teletherapy, the university aims to deliver high-quality care that caters to the unique needs of individual students, enabling them to achieve their full personal and academic potential.

The Uwill student and therapist matching platform has been implemented at various other schools across the nation, demonstrating a growing awareness of the importance of mental health resources in a university setting.

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