OTC 2024 Spotlight: Uncovering the Potential of AI-Enabled Tracking and Detection Technology by Zelim Technology

Revolutionizing Maritime Safety: Zelim’s ZOE Showcases Impressive Accuracy in Real-Time Detection and Tracking

Zelim, a startup based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is revolutionizing maritime safety through innovative smart systems. Their latest product, ZOE, was showcased at OTC 2024 and allows vessel operators to locate, recover, and protect individuals on the water. Over the past three years, Zelim has been developing ZOE using AI to detect and track incidents in the water to assist search and rescue operations in real-time.

The platform-agnostic solution overlays visual cues on a simple display, providing search teams with more than just their visual senses. With an impressive 96.8% accuracy rate in detecting people in the water from 337m, ZOE is a game-changer in maritime safety. Most detection solutions currently available in the market have limitations in capturing information underwater and in real-time. ZOE was specifically designed to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

In collaboration with the US Coast Guard Research and Development Center, Zelim developed this AI-enabled detection and tracking technology. This technology aligns with the Coast Guard’s strategic plan to leverage advanced technologies for search and rescue operations. It is not only beneficial for the Coast Guard but also for vessels and drilling contractors that require heightened awareness in the water.

Andrew Tipping, Head of Commercial at Zelim, highlighted the significance of ZOE in identifying anomalies in the water. The system not only detects anomalies but also records them, providing teams with crucial information in real-time and for future reference. Additionally, Zelim is working on deploying the Guardian, a remotely operated vessel equipped with ZOE to support the rescue of conscious and unconscious casualties.

Zelim’s commitment to leveraging innovative technology for maritime safety is evident in their products and solutions. With ZOE leading the way in advanced detection and tracking capabilities, the future of maritime safety looks promising.

Zelim’s dedication to revolutionizing maritime safety through innovative smart systems has led them to develop a platform-agnostic solution that overlays visual cues on a simple display to provide search teams with more than just their visual senses.

Their latest product, ZOE showcased at OTC 2024 has an impressive 96.8% accuracy rate

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