Garden Care: Embracing Innovation and Sustainability

Revolutionizing Lawn Care: STIGA’s New Line of Autonomous Robotic Lawnmowers

STIGA has introduced a new line of autonomous robotic lawnmowers, marking a significant step towards the future of self-guided gardening. The range boasts over 37 patents, including 20 for navigation, 8 for connectivity, and 9 for design and mechanical solutions.

The new generation of STIGA robotic lawnmowers represents a leap in efficiency and innovation, with advancements in cutting performance and customization. This is thanks to a team of engineers and innovation specialists who have developed cutting-edge technologies that guarantee unprecedented precision in navigation and optimize work paths.

One of the most revolutionary features of this new line is the use of the RTK GPS system combined with the Active Guidance System (AGS) patented by STIGA. This ensures unparalleled accuracy in navigation, eliminates cutting interruptions, and provides users with complete control through the Cloud connection and the STIGA.GO application. Users can customize every aspect of their lawn care experience, from cutting angles to specific modes for closed areas.

Innovations in STIGA’s robotic lawnmowers include an adjustable cutting angle, obstacle detection systems, and ePower batteries that offer optimal performance with minimal environmental impact. The range has also been expanded to accommodate gardens of all sizes, from small domestic lawns to large green areas, making it an ideal solution for any gardening needs.

Overall, this new line from STIGA represents a major shift towards more efficient and sustainable gardening practices. With its advanced technology and customizable features, these robotic lawnmowers are set to transform the way we approach lawn care for years to come.

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