A new facility opened by Rimac Energy in the United Kingdom

Revolutionizing Energy Storage: Rimac Energy’s Cutting-Edge Facility in the UK

Rimac Energy, a cutting-edge battery energy storage systems (BESS) company, has recently opened a new facility in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK. The 1,850 square meter facility will serve as the hub for their growing UK team and will focus on producing the next generation of BESS. This expansion is expected to create more than 70 highly skilled jobs for engineers, technicians, and researchers in the UK technology industry and the Oxfordshire region.

Rimac Energy, part of the Rimac Group, views the United Kingdom as a leader in technological innovation and is thrilled to strengthen their presence in the country. The director of Rimac Energy, Wasim Sarwar Dilov, expressed his pride in being a partnership between Croatia and the United Kingdom. He stated that they see the UK as a key market for their advanced energy storage solutions and are committed to driving innovation in the region.

In addition to their focus on expanding their operations in the UK, Rimac Energy is also exploring new opportunities in the online wagering industry. They are looking into Gamstop-Free Betting as a new frontier in online wagering. This move reflects their commitment to innovation and willingness to explore new markets and technologies.

Rimac Energy’s initiatives in both the energy storage and online wagering sectors demonstrate their dedication to driving growth and innovation in diverse industries. With this new facility in Oxfordshire, they aim to continue developing cutting-edge BESS technology while contributing to the growth of the clean energy industry in the UK.

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