Senate Approves Direct Election of Prime Minister as Reform

Revolutionizing Elections: Senate Approves Amendment to Directly Elect the President of Council of Ministers

The Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate has approved an amendment proposed by the government to modify article 92 of the Constitution. This amendment introduces the direct election of the President of the Council of Ministers. According to the approved text, the government is composed of the Prime Minister and the ministers, collectively forming the Council of Ministers.

The Prime Minister will now be elected through universal and direct suffrage for a term of five years, with a limit of two consecutive terms, which can be extended to three terms if the previous ones were served for less than seven years and six months. Elections for both the Chambers and the Prime Minister will now occur simultaneously.

This amendment signifies a significant change in the electoral process and composition of government in our country. It aligns with democratic principles by introducing direct elections for the position of President of Council of Ministers, making it more representative in government. The approval of this amendment by Constitutional Affairs Commission reflects a step towards a more inclusive and democratic governance structure in our country.

Under this new system, once elected,

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