Gemini Advanced unveils Ultra 1.0 with presentation by Sundar Pichai

Revolutionizing AI: Google One’s Gemini Advanced and the Future of Intelligent Search

For years, we have been heavily investing in AI and seeing it as the best way to enhance our search and products. This investment has paid off with the launch of our Search Generative Experience (SGE), which is now available for testing in Search Labs. AI has become an integral part of our Cloud and Workspace services, as well as our popular Google One subscription service, which is on the brink of reaching 100 million subscribers.

In December, we set a new standard with Gemini, a revolutionary platform that supports an entire ecosystem of text, image, audio, and video benchmarks. Gemini is more than just models; it enables users to experience the most capable models in various languages. It’s now accessible on Android and iOS through a new app called Gemini Advanced.

The largest model Ultra 1.0 has surpassed human experts on MMLU (massive multitask language understanding), demonstrating knowledge and problem-solving abilities in 57 subjects. With this achievement, we are bringing Ultra to our products and the world with Gemini Advanced. This version offers capabilities such as reasoning, following instructions, coding, creative collaboration, personal tutoring tailored to your learning style or creative partnership helping with content strategy and business plans.

Gemini Advanced is available through the new Google One AI Premium plan, which expands on the popular Google One service by offering increased storage and exclusive product features. This plan provides users with access to all of Google’s AI features in one convenient place.

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