Increasing Agricultural Productivity Through New Technology

Revolutionizing Agriculture: How Technology Has Boosted Productivity and Changed Farming Forever

Advancements in technology have greatly increased agricultural productivity. From innovations in genetics for animals and crops to the development of new chemicals, equipment, and farm organization techniques, technology has played a crucial role in boosting total agricultural output. In fact, between 1948 and 2021, total agricultural output nearly tripled, while the use of inputs in farming slightly decreased over time.

TFP can also be viewed as an indicator of technical change within the agricultural sector. While short-term factors like adverse weather conditions can impact total output growth and TFP estimates, overall advancements in technology have been key drivers in increasing agricultural productivity. Sabrina Halvorson, an award-winning journalist and broadcaster specializing in agriculture, discusses the role of new technology in boosting agricultural productivity on her program, This Land of Ours.

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