GolfWRX announces the release of Breakthrough Golf Technology’s latest RedZNE wedge shafts

Revolutionary Golf Equipment: Breakthrough Golf Technology’s RedZNE Wedge Shafts Improve Accuracy and Control

Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) is a company that has been leading the way in multi-material golf equipment, with a focus on improving wedge shots through their innovative shafts. Two years ago, BGT introduced the original ZNE wedge shafts, which featured a carbon upper section and a steel tip section. This design aimed to improve stability, consistency, and spin on wedge shots.

After receiving feedback from customers, BGT went back to the drawing board to improve the ZNE shafts and are now introducing the latest version, RedZNE. The most notable change is that the tip section is now made of carbon fiber, as opposed to steel in the original ZNE shaft.

The new carbon tip section of RedZNE will lead to lower launch and a flatter trajectory, resulting in improved distance control and the ability for players to easily execute different types of shots. Additionally, the carbon fiber upper tube has been redesigned with a new material, making it 54 percent stiffer than the previous ZNE shaft.

BGT claims that the RedZNE shafts offer 50 percent better accuracy due to the additional spin produced by the shaft. The connector that joins the tip and upper sections has been reengineered to improve weight distribution and enhance the overall feel of the shafts.

Breakthrough Golf Technology will be offering the RedZNE shafts in 90, 115, and 130-gram options to complement

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