Artificial Intelligence Used in Israeli Biopsy Development

Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Technology Saves Lives at Sheba Medical Center through Faster and Accurate Biopsy Results

The Sheba Medical Center has implemented a new development that revolutionizes the way biopsy tests are performed. This new technology, developed by Tel Aviv start-up company imagene, uses artificial intelligence to identify cancerous tumors and provide quick answers to doctors.

The company was founded in 2020 by three young developers, Dean Bitan, Yonatan Salah and Shahar Porat. The technology works by scanning thousands of different algorithms to identify the characteristics of the tumors and mutations present in it. Within a few minutes, an indication of the type of cancer is received, allowing doctors to know what treatment and exact dose to give the patient.

This new technology has saved lives at the Sheba Medical Center. Patients who came in with metastatic lung cancer had to wait three weeks for genetic sequencing of the tumor before receiving an answer. Now, initial answers are received within a few minutes, which are checked as a precautionary measure and immediately forwarded to the oncologist so that he can decide on treatment options.

“Since we switched to digital scanning of biopsies, we can view samples even from home and anywhere in the world,” explains Prof. Iris Brashak, director of pathology laboratory at Sheba and chairman of Israeli Pathology Association. “The digital scan allows us to give quick answers to patients even when we are not in laboratory and consult with experts from all over the world.”

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