Rain Technology to Reveal Latest Anamorphic-XR Optical Engine at Display Week 2024 – Display Daily

Revolutionary Anamorphic-XR Technology Unveiled at Display Week 2024: High-Def, Transparent Optical Engine for AR/VR Headsets

Rain Technology has recently announced new advancements in its Anamorphic-XR optical engine designed for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets. Dr. Michael Robinson, the company’s chief scientist, will present these developments at Display Week 2024.

Anamorphic-XR technology aims to improve the performance of AR and VR headsets by delivering high-definition, wide-angle images in a compact and transparent design. It combines an anamorphic microdisplay with an anamorphic waveguide fitted with a cylindrical mirror to reflect light upwards, allowing users to see both real-world and virtual images in their field of vision.

The technology increases image magnification independently in different planes to enhance resolution and field-of-view. By utilizing polarization instead of diffraction to extract light from the waveguide, Anamorphic-XR produces a brighter and sharper image. This approach addresses common challenges faced by AR/VR devices, such as size, eye relief, field-of-view, resolution, and brightness.

Rain Technology reports that their research and development have shown that incorporating a mirror for the lateral optical path and lenses for the transverse path can enhance the field-of-view and efficiency compared to traditional AR/VR optics. This can help overcome optical hurdles such as wide-field image fidelity, brightness, dynamic range, and eye strain.

After the presentation at Display Week 2024, a technical paper titled “Anamorphic-XR: Imaging Waveguide Technology for Efficient and Wide Field-of-View Near-Eye Display” will be available for download on Rain Technology’s website.

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