Are RV Sales a Sign of Economic Stability?

Reversing the Slump: Signs of Revival in the Electric Vehicle and RV Sales Markets

Despite recent challenges in the electric vehicle market and a decline in RV sales, there are signs that the slump may be reversing. According to a report by Meghan McCarty Marino for, Tesla’s first quarter delivery figures indicated a slowdown in sales, with competition from Chinese manufacturers and overall EV market challenges contributing to this trend. However, RV sales took a hit as well, with motorhomes and towable trailers experiencing their worst year in over a decade in 2023.

Michael Hicks at Ball State University believes that RV sales can be an important indicator of economic trends, citing the substantial cost of these vehicles as a significant factor. Sales tend to decrease at the first sign of economic trouble and rise again when consumer confidence improves. Hicks also notes that while economists often focus on indicators like bond rates or household consumption trends, paying attention to the campground can provide valuable insights into broader economic conditions.

The full report on offers more details on these trends and their potential impact on the economy. Additionally, listeners can hear Michael Hicks discuss his insights on RV sales as an economic indicator by clicking on the audio player below.

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