R-kiosk’s parent company to cease cigarette sales in Swedish stores

Reitan Convenience Leads the Way in Shift Towards Less Harmful Nicotine Products

Reitan Convenience, a company under Reitan, has announced its goal to support the transition towards less harmful nicotine products. Similarly, Swedish kiosk and store chains Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven plan to gradually stop selling cigarettes. In its recent results announcement, Reitan Convenience stated that it will not include new traditional cigarette products in its selections from 2026. The company aims to gradually shift sales towards nicotine pouches and other tobacco products, which are considered less harmful than cigarettes. This move is part of the company’s responsibility work.

R-kioski, a subsidiary of Reitan Convenience in Finland, has also expressed its goal to support the transition towards less harmful nicotine products. R-kioski has observed a decrease in traditional cigarette sales as more consumers shift towards nicotine pouches, which became legal in Finland last year. The company sells products defined as tobacco products by law, such as cigarettes and nicotine pouches.

Reitan Convenience Sweden CEO, Anna Wallenberg, mentioned in an interview that their goal is to completely stop selling cigarette products due to the well-known health and environmental risks associated with smoking. Cigarette sales in Sweden have been decreasing, with 54% of Reitan’s Swedish chains’ sales coming from cigarettes and the rest from snuff and other smokeless products.

In addition to ending cigarette sales, Reitan Convenience aims to stop selling products containing palm oil starting in 2027 and has long-term goals for products like rice, coffee, cocoa, and red meat. The company operates in the Nordic and Baltic countries with around two thousand stores in its operating countries. R-kiosk has approximately 350 stores in Finland, run by franchisees. Reitan Convenience is committed to responsible business practices and sustainability.

Overall, the decision of Reitan Convenience reflects a growing trend towards awareness of health and environmental impacts. With a focus on responsible practices and long-term sustainability goals, Reitan Convenience is taking steps to align its business operations with societal and consumer preferences for healthier products.

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