Hawaii hospital acquired by The Queen’s Health System

Queen’s Health System Acquires Wahiawa General Hospital, Renovating Emergency Department to Enhance Community Health Care

In November, the Queen’s Health System in Honolulu reached an asset purchase agreement to acquire Wahiawa General Hospital in Hawaii. This acquisition came after the participation of the nonprofit hospital’s board, providers, administration, and employees, as stated in an April 3 news release.

Wahiawa General Hospital had to temporarily close its emergency department on March 18 due to issues with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The Queen’s Health System plans to invest in renovating and strengthening the Emergency Department and diagnostic services right away. With Queen’s Medical Center – Wahiawa being the closest emergency department for residents in Wahiawa, Central O’ahu, and the North Shore, this renovation is a top priority. The goal is to reopen the ED this summer.

This acquisition will bring more providers, services, and specialists to the community. The Queen’s Health System has made employment offers to nearly 100 Wahiawa General Hospital employees. Existing hospital employees are also being encouraged to explore opportunities within the broader health system.

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