Beef exports from Peru to China have the potential to elevate the economy by $3-4 billion

President Boluarte’s China Visit Set to Boost Peru’s Economy by $3 Billion through Beef Exports

Peru’s agriculture minister, Angel Manero, has confirmed that President Dina Boluarte will visit China in June to meet with President Xi Jinping. The key agenda item for the summit is the potential export of beef to China, which is expected to boost Peru’s economy by $3 billion to $4 billion through these shipments.

Manero shared this information with reporters following a cabinet meeting at the national palace. He mentioned that the upcoming presidential summit in June will cover 29 topics, including discussions about beef trade between the two countries.

The timing of President Boluarte’s meeting with President Xi is significant as it precedes the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) trade forum scheduled to take place in Lima in November. Xi is expected to attend this summit, along with around 20 other world leaders. This high-level gathering will provide an opportunity to further discuss trade relations between Peru and China.

Furthermore, Xi’s attendance at the APEC summit in Peru will align with the unveiling of the Chancay megaport on Peru’s Pacific coast. This port, under construction by Hong Kong-based Cosco Shipping Ports, is seen as a vital infrastructure project that will enhance future trade between Peru and Asia. The development of the Chancay megaport signifies the growing economic ties between the two nations and highlights the potential for increased collaboration in the future.

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