Mookie Betts Continues to Shine as 2024 Sees First No-Hitter and New MLB Stadiums Rise

Power and Progress: Mookie Betts’ Domination in 2024, Baseball News, and Stadium Issues Discussed on Cespedes BBQ

During the offseason, the Los Angeles Dodgers made headlines, but it was outfielder turned shortstop Mookie Betts who dominated the league in 2024. In a recent episode of “Cespedes BBQ,” Jordan Shusterman and guest host Russell Dorsey discussed Betts’ hot start at the plate, leading the league in home runs and RBIs.

The hosts also talked about the potential for improvement with Walker Buehler returning from injury. Additionally, they touched on a range of topics including Ronel Blanco’s no-hitter for the Astros, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper’s impressive performances, stadium issues faced by the Oakland Athletics and Kansas City Royals, and more.

In terms of news from around the league, they provided a round-up of what was happening with various teams. The Blue Jays had recently acquired a new weapon to add to their lineup. Meanwhile, Trout and Harper continued to make headlines with their home run performances. The White Sox were also making waves with their pitching developments.

The hosts also touched on stadium issues that both the Oakland Athletics and Kansas City Royals were facing. They discussed some concerns about the Astros’ bullpen after a rocky start to the season. All in all, this episode covered a range of topics related to baseball in 2024. You can follow along with “Cespedes BBQ” on Twitter at @CespedesBBQ or Yahoo Sports Podcasts at or Yahoo Sports Podcasts for more information about this episode or any other baseball-related content you may be interested in!

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