Portugal’s Parliament Speaker Election Ends in Failure

Portugal’s Political Landscape Remains Uncertain as Parliament Fails to Elect President in Third Attempt

Portugal’s newly elected parliament has yet to elect a President, as the third attempt at doing so failed to produce an absolute majority. At the constitutive meeting in Lisbon, all candidates fell short of the required 116 votes, even in the final round. MPs will reconvene on Wednesday for another try, with parties able to nominate new candidates.

The situation presents a challenge for Prime Minister Luis Montenegro of the conservative alliance Democratic Alliance (AD), who leads the government after his alliance won the most votes in recent elections but fell short of a majority. Montenegro’s candidate for President of Parliament, José Pedro Aguiar-Branco, came in second with 88 votes, while Francisco Assis of the Socialist Party PS received 90 votes. However, Chega, a right-wing populist party led by André Ventura, won over 50 seats and adds further complexity to governing.

The lack of collaboration between conservatives and socialists and Montenegro’s refusal to work with Chega suggests that governing will be challenging. If Montenegro fails to secure a majority in an upcoming parliamentary vote on his government program, another election could be held. As Montenegro prepares to present his cabinet on Thursday and take office on April 2nd, Portugal’s political landscape remains uncertain.

The failure to elect a President of Parliament has highlighted deep divisions within Portugal’s newly elected “Assembleia da República.” While it is unclear how long it will take for MPs to come together and agree on a candidate or amendments needed for their government programs, one thing is clear – governing will not be easy in this new political climate.

Despite these challenges, it is important for Portugal’s leaders and citizens alike to remain focused on working towards common goals and finding solutions that benefit everyone involved. With patience and determination, they can overcome these obstacles and move forward towards building a stronger and more stable future for Portugal.

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