NBC 6 South Florida: Hialeah business operator arrested in connection with large cockfighting operation

Police Arrest Hialeah Business Owner for Running Large-Scale Cockfighting Operation

In a shocking discovery, police arrested a man in Hialeah after finding out that he was running a large-scale cockfighting operation from his business. Juan Romero, a 58-year-old man who owns an auto parts store at the site, was charged with breeding, training, owning or possessing animals for fighting.

The investigation began when officers conducting a fraud investigation in the 4600 block of E. 10th Lane stumbled upon numerous cages housing male chickens with plucked feathers on their legs. This is a clear indication that cockfighting was taking place.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Romero owned the chickens and had set up a cockfighting ring inside his business. Red foam used to agitate chickens for fighting was also found on the premises. When questioned by investigators, Romero admitted to owning the chickens.

Romero was taken into police custody and booked into jail. Unfortunately, attorney information wasn’t available at the time of the arrest. However, it is clear that this incident marks a major victory for law enforcement in their efforts to crack down on illegal animal cruelty.

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