The US Senate Takes a Crucial Step in Providing Financial Aid to Ukraine

Polarized Politics Threaten Biden’s Aid Package for Ukraine in Congress

The United States Senate has taken a significant step towards the adoption of new aid for Ukraine, but its implementation is at risk due to opposition from Republicans in Congress. On Sunday, the Senate voted 67 to 27 in favor of putting the bill presented by the Biden administration to a vote. The package includes $60 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel against Hamas, as well as funds for Taiwan, a strategic ally of the US. However, the next vote in the upper house is not yet known, and it may face opposition from right-wing elected officials in the House of Representatives.

The bill’s opponents include interventionist hawks who support Ukraine and lieutenants of Donald Trump who are more isolationist. While some Republicans have criticized American aid to Ukraine, others have supported it. On Sunday, eighteen Republican elected officials supported the bill in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that “the eyes of the world are on the American Senate” as he highlighted that this is a popular high mass in American football season.

President Joe Biden has called for these new funds urgently, while his predecessor Donald Trump has been increasingly hostile towards Ukraine. Even without a mandate, Trump recently managed to torpedo a compromise on the package for Ukraine in Congress. On Saturday, he threatened that if he returned to power after November’s election, he would no longer guarantee protection for NATO countries against Russia if they did not pay their share. These actions have sparked concern among Democrats about his intentions towards NATO allies and could lead to further tension between Russia and Western powers.

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