Planboo Secured $1.1M in Funding to Expand Biochar Production Through MRV Technology

Planboo Closes $1.1 Million Funding Round, Leads the Way in Biochar Carbon Removal Efforts

Planboo, a carbon removal company founded in 2020, is dedicated to tracking and expanding the production of biochar in tropical regions. The company recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully closing its latest funding round, raising over $1.1 million. Investors such as Katapult, Silverstrand Capital, Rockstart, Imaginal Seeds, and 8+ Ventures showed confidence in Planboo’s mission by supporting the funding round.

Planboo’s approach involves using its digital MRV technology to transparently monitor the entire biochar production process. This technology is adaptable to different types of kilns and biomass, making it easy for projects to be scaled up in various tropical locations simultaneously. The investment in Planboo reflects trust in the company’s ability to unlock biochar carbon removal credits from remote tropical regions.

The company’s dMRV tool facilitates remote tracking and auditing of biochar production and application on the ground. This tool saves time on tracking and minimizes human errors while ensuring transparency in the supply chain. Additionally, Planboo utilizes hardware such as an IoT Greenbox to automate data collection from biochar production, enabling real-time verification of carbon credits from any location.

Investors like Carl Strøm Walton from Katapult VC and Ann Goh from Imaginal Seeds have expressed optimism about Planboo’s potential in the Artisan Biochar space. They believe that Planboo’s MRV technologies will help decentralize biochar production processes and allow more farmers to benefit from the emerging biochar carbon credit market. With a mission to remove 1 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2050, Planboo is determined to be a leader in the biochar industry.

Planboo has been able to achieve this significant milestone due to its innovative approach towards tackling climate change through carbon removal. Its focus on transparency and efficiency has caught the attention of investors who are looking for sustainable solutions for reducing carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the success of this funding round shows that there is growing interest among investors towards investing in sustainable technologies that can help mitigate climate change. It also highlights the potential for companies that focus on sustainability and innovation to attract investments from diverse sources.

Overall, Planboo’s success story serves as an inspiration for other companies working towards sustainable solutions for climate change. Its commitment towards transparency and efficiency has helped it achieve significant milestones and attracted investments from some of the most prominent investors in the industry.

As we move towards a more sustainable future, companies like Planboo will play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change. Their innovative approach towards sustainability will pave the way for a cleaner and healthier future for all of us.

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