First recipient of pig kidney transplant discharged from Boston hospital

Pioneering Pig Kidney Transplant: Rick Slayman Returns Home After Historic Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital

Rick Slayman, the recipient of the world’s first pig kidney transplant, is set to return home from Massachusetts General Hospital after two weeks since the groundbreaking surgery. The 62-year-old will continue his recovery in his home in Weymouth, as announced by the hospital. Slayman expressed his gratitude for the care he received, stating that leaving the hospital with improved health is one of the happiest moments of his life.

At the time of the transplant on March 21, Slayman was battling end-stage kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. He had previously received a human kidney transplant in 2018, which started failing after five years. This pig kidney transplant marks the first time a pig kidney has been transplanted into a living human patient, a groundbreaking achievement spearheaded by Mass General. The kidney was donated by eGenesis in Cambridge, genetically edited to remove harmful pig genes, with the addition of certain human genes to enhance compatibility.

Slayman’s recovery is progressing smoothly, and he expressed his appreciation for the well-wishes he received from those rooting for his healing journey. He acknowledged the significance of this milestone not just for himself but for other patients awaiting kidney transplants, signaling a new beginning for those hoping for a similar outcome.

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