Four Peruvians Advance to Finals of Majors 2 in the Fortnite Championship Series

Peruvian Gaming Squad SmokeSolid Makes it to US Fortnite Championship Series Grand Finals

Two Peruvian athletes from SmokeSolid Gaming, SMK Hazzense and SMK Magia Jr., have qualified for the Grand Finals of the US region in the Fortnite Championship Series. They overcame a close competition to secure their spots after being relegated to 26th place during the first stage of the competition.

In the Lower Bracket, where only 15 participants advanced to the Grand Finals, SMK Hazzense and SMK Magia Jr. had to step up their game to make it to the next round. With determination and skill, they managed to accumulate 90 points and finish in 14th place, securing their qualification for the Grand Finals.

Their success has put them one step away from competing in the in-person world championship which will take place in 2024. They will be competing against 50 duos for three spots in the tournament.

Additionally, other Peruvian players from SmokeSolid Gaming have also advanced to the main Fortnite tournament. SMK Gonzalo and SMK Myst secured their spots in the Grand Finals in Brazil after finishing 17th in the Upper Bracket category of Majors 2 competition.

The success of these Peruvian players highlights the high level of talent in Peru’s Fortnite scene, which is an important and growing esport. With two more SmokeSolid Team members, SMK Tecne and SMK Randu qualifying in Argentina, they are set to make an impact on upcoming competitions.

There are still opportunities for players to participate in Majors 3 in both regions, providing additional spots for those looking to secure their place

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