From Health Struggles to Appreciation: How a UTC Lineman’s Journey to Wellness Deepened his Love for Football

Overcoming Health Concerns: UTC’s Bryce Goodner Makes a Triumphant Return to the Field

Bryce Goodner was a standout freshman for McMinn County in 2022, but he missed the following season due to a serious health issue. He was unable to play last year, but his talent and impact on the team were undeniable during his freshman year. Now, as he continues to recover from his health concerns, there is hope that he will return to the field stronger than ever.

Throughout his time with the team, Goodner has proven himself to be a valuable asset with his skills on the field. His blocking abilities have been especially noted, showcasing his talent and potential as a key player for the Mocs. With the support of his team and the entire UTC community, Goodner is determined to overcome his health issues and make a triumphant return to the game he loves.

Despite not knowing exactly what was wrong, it was clear that something was amiss with Goodner after the first day of camp last summer. His absence was felt throughout the Mocs’ 2023 schedule, as he was sidelined due to his health concern. However, despite this setback, Goodner’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity have been inspiring to many.

Goodner’s impact on the team cannot be overstated during his freshman year. His talent on the field was undeniable, and he quickly became an integral part of the offense at UTC. As he works towards making a full recovery from his health issues, there is hope that he will return to action stronger than ever and continue to make an impact on

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