Harnessing the Power of Sport Climbing Lessons to Conquer Life’s Challenges Beyond the Wall

Overcoming Adversity: How Couple’s Climbing Dreams Became Reality Despite Cancer and Viral Infections

Lucka Rakovec, an accomplished climber, faced a daunting challenge in November 2023 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her boyfriend and fellow climber, Potocar, stood by her side throughout her journey, providing unwavering support and motivation. After a successful surgery, Lucka encountered complications with a viral stomach infection during her rehabilitation, which tested both of them.

Despite the difficulties, Potocar remained by her side, helping her stay focused on her recovery and motivated to overcome the obstacles in front of her. He recalls the challenging times when Lucka struggled with her relationship with climbing and had doubts about training again. However, Potocar was there for her every step of the way, supporting her through her low moments and helping her regain her strength and confidence.

Lucka’s determination to succeed as an elite climber has often been a double-edged sword for both herself and Potocar. They have learned that pushing oneself too hard can sometimes lead to not listening to one’s body properly. Potocar emphasizes the importance of patience in the recovery process, knowing when to rest and when to push forward. Despite their challenges, their journey through cancer brought them closer together and strengthened their bond as partners and climbers.

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