The Eiffel Tower Sets a Record After a Ridiculous Matchstick Dispute

Overcoming Adversity: Frenchman Richard Plaud’s Quest to Build Eiffel Tower with Matches”.

Richard Plaud, a Frenchman, successfully built a replica of the Eiffel Tower made entirely of matches. He used 706,900 matches and simplified his process by convincing the match manufacturer Flam’Up to supply him with boxes containing 190,000 headless sticks. However, he made two serious mistakes that resulted in the attempt being disallowed according to the regulations of the Guinness Book.

Despite these setbacks, Plaud persevered and after a week of turnaround, his attempt was officially recognized by the organization. This comes as a significant relief for him as he would have lost out on the record to his predecessor, Lebanese craftsman Toufic Daher.

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